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Centro’s timely EPR credentials, innovative patient summary screen and focus on efficiency savings will have broad NHS Trust appeal.

Crescendo Launches Patient Centric,
EPR-ready Clinical Documentation System

Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom, Jan 23, 2014 – Crescendo Systems, leading provider of documentation solutions for healthcare, today announced the launch of Centro, a new clinical documentation system (CDS) designed for NHS Trusts involved in the NHS Digital Challenge. The new system boasts a revolutionary patient centric summary screen, encouraging collaborative care, and an unparalleled combination of productivity features for the entire care team.


In addition to offering complete alignment with a Trust’s EPR strategy and the opportunity for significant and sustainable back office efficiency savings, it is the uniquely patient-centric approach and patient care benefits that provide the heartbeat to the Centro system. These benefits are achieved through the provision of a centralised, interactive and Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) influenced patient summary screen, designed to encourage meaningful use by the entire Care Team. This enables doctors and nurses to carry out their clinical documentation tasks from a timely, informed and efficiency focussed hub.


“We wanted to develop a digitally rich solution that ensured documentation would be processed as efficiently as possible by creating a direct window to the patient’s care path”, said John Bendall, MD of Crescendo Systems, “and we also felt it was crucial that the entire care team, including nursing staff, were able to contribute to the patient’s summary screen in order to offer an integrated care approach, enrich the quality and timeliness of clinical information and enhance the resultant documentation output”. Bendall added, “A significant advantage of having this fingertip and co-ordinated access to patient information is that the consequent time saved by the doctor in completing documentation tasks can be re-invested into meaningful patient care time”.


The Centro Clinical Documentation System is designed to ‘push the digital envelope’ with end to end electronic workflow, including e-signature and fully automated e-distribution, and a breathtaking array of technologies, including “training-free” desktop and server based clinical speech recognition, handwriting recognition, imaging, scanning and video, available via desktop, network, browser, supporting virtually any mobile health environment. “Our aim was to build a totally modular and ubiquitous computing solution, capable of exploiting every digital avenue, and every digital device, in order to maximise efficiency gains and savings across a Trusts healthcare economy”, said Bendall.

Centro’s exhaustive clinical documentation functionality caters not only with general clinical correspondence, such as outpatient letters and discharge summaries, but also Order Entry, e-Prescribing and Scheduling. “Being fully interoperable, we aim to give Trusts as much choice as possible, meaning Centro can fulfil all EPR clinical documentation requirements, yet still be agile enough to dovetail into and integrate with any crossover EPR modules,” said Bendall, “so, whatever the final mix, Centro will always be a complementary and valuable addition to a Trust’s EPR and clinical documentation strategy”.

For further meaningful information on the use of the innovative Centro Clinical Documentation System and how it can benefit your NHS Trust please visit this page:

the final mix, Centro will always be a complementary and valuable addition to a Trust’s EPR and clinical documentation strategy”.

Jan 23, 2014

Find out more about Centro and how it can benefit your NHS Trust.

Press Contact:
John Bendall
01932 789433