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Technical Services

The Crescendo Technical Services team consists of a highly trained group of individuals, prepared to deal with any issues which may arise with Crescendo software. The team uses state-of-the-art, remote diagnostic tools to troubleshoot or install new software, and most calls are usually resolved quickly and painlessly over the phone. A cutting-edge Track system keeps detailed records of client historical calls, escalation, etc. allowing easy follow-ups.

The performance of our service team is measured on a regular basis along with the performance of our staff. This team of selected experts is evaluated as per specific targets on a regular basis, ensuring the client is provided with the best possible service in a pleasant and professional manner.

Installation and Training

We also provide remote training for new users or refresher training for existing users. Should your system or users require on-site assistance, a member of our technical team will be dispatched to resolve the issue within the agreed contract times.

01932 789433

Crescendo Technical Services