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Norfolk GP Practice ​’Drayton & St. Faiths Medical Practice’ talk about the switch from Digital Dictation to Speech Recognition

20th March 2019


Paul Morgan, the Digital Sales Specialist at Crescendo Systems has recently supported Drayton and St. Faiths make the leap from Digital Dictation to Speech Recognition. 

“Draytons have been a dedicated customer of Crescendo Systems for a good few years now.” Paul explained “When I gave them a call to talk about making the switch to Speech Recognition they were a tad apprehensive having heard mixed reviews about some Speech Recognition engines, but they agreed to a demo with us as our services haven’t let them down to date.” 

“The demo went down a hit and the doctors requested a 30-day free trial of the software.” Paul goes on “The following week I went in and done some extensive training with them so they could make the most of the system.” 

“It’s an excellent bit of kit. . . my notes are now much fuller and I (mostly) run to time”

The 30 day trial came to a close and the feedback was excellent. 

“The decision to move from DigiDictate to Crescendo Speech was made with some trepidation due to the upfront costs.  However it is a decision we wish we made earlier!  We have instantly seen time savings due to reducing the need for transcriptions and subsequent checking of the letters.  For those of us who can’t touch type we are seeing an increase in the quality and quantity of patient notes.  We are impressed with the accuracy of the voice recognition and are particularly its ability to cope with complex medical terminology” – Dr Alan Lee, GP Partner

“It’s an excellent bit of kit. . . my notes are now much fuller and I (mostly) run to time” – Dr Michael Macbeth, GP Partner

“Since the GPs have started using Crescendo Speech, we have found the process of making referrals a lot quicker – we now copy and paste the text of the referral instead of trying to decipher the dictations.” – Carole, Referrals Administrator. 

So what is the take home from Draytons & St.Faiths? 

  • Instant time savings 
  • Quality and quantity of notes increase
  • Referral time reduced
  • No need for transcription!

Interested in having a demo or 30-day free trial like Draytons & St. Faiths? Call us today on 01932 789433. 


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