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DigiScribe-XL is a real-time, voice-on-demand dictation and transcription solution, designed to deal with the most complex document workflows across multi facility, multi department hospital environments.

Thanks to our unique streaming technology to record and play voice, users can work in real-time from virtually any location, whether they are working at the Trust, in the Community or from any other location accessible on the NHS N3 network.

Designed following a building block approach, DigiScribe-XL suits the needs of any environment with almost any budget. It provides advanced digital dictation as part of a complete “Workflow Management” system, with built-in reporting modules for user, report type and departmental performance monitoring. Turnaround, Aging, Backlog & Trend Analysis counters are also available with automated report distribution to speed up report creation.

A true client/server based solution, DigiScribe-XL works in the same way as your existing hospital system, offering complete protection and security over your patient data whilst providing real-time access to patient information when required. Full integration with your hospital systems is made simple via our HL7 interfacing tools for patient demographic lookup, clinic schedules and order processing.

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Digital Dictation & Workflow Management

Over 2,000 hospitals worldwide rely on DigiScribe-XL
to streamline their document workflows: here is why.

DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation for Hospitals and Trusts




Speech Recognition for Hospitals and Trusts Workflow & Report Management Medical Transcription for Hospitals and Trusts



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