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by olivia beke

6 Reasons You Should Use Crescendo For Your Legal Speech Recognition

Trying to find a Speech Recognition solution for your legal firm can often feel like a daunting task. Which Speech engine should I choose? Which provider suits my needs? Will the team even use it? 

Whilst being 100% Crescendo biased, hopefully we can answer some of the above questions and set a standard of what your Speech Recognition provider should be offering you.

1. We Use Dragon, The #1 Speech Recognition Engine In The World

For our Legal clients we use Nuance’s Dragon Legal Anywhere. Do not settle for anything less.

  • IT Teams love it because it is cloud based – meaning it requires no installation, maintenance or high-spec hardware
  • Over 99% accuracy with the Speech-to-Text, thanks to it’s legal dictionary
  • Get started straight out of the box – long gone are the days of training
  • 3x faster than typing – and that’s for the average typist!
  • Very secure – packed with 256-bit encryption whether in office or on the go – putting your mind (and your client’s) at ease

Learn more about Dragon

2. We Truly Tailor Dragon To Your Organisational needs

During the initial sales process our account managers will find out as much as possible about your orgainsation and how it works, then setup the software to meet these requirements

  • Create command packages based on the systems, programs and documents which are frequently used
  • Setup templates (new or current) to work seamlessly with Dragon, populating information from your systems
  • Assist in creating a bank of AutoTexts used frequently within the firm

3. 121 Training With Every. Single. User.

Why would you buy software to make your firm work more efficiently and to a higher standard, but then not teach them how to use the tech? 

Sorry, we don’t have an answer to that question, but we can tell you about the training we offer our clients and users

  • Management – we offer training to management to view reports of the use of the software across the firm, view and re-allocate licences
  • User – we offer comprehensive 121 training for every user, the trainer will show them how to integrate the Dragon Speech software into their everyday work, helping them set up macros, AutoTexts and more

3. Crescendo Allows You To Use Dragon Legal Anywhere In Your Case/Document Management System(s)

Crescendo Speech works with Dragon Legal Anywhere to not only work with Case & Document Management Systems, but also create voice commands and shortcuts to make it even easier to use. Systems include

  • Eclipse 
  • LEAP
  • Tikit
  • Clio
  • & more 

4. Industry Expert Support

Our clients rave about our support. They know the software like the back of their hands, they know the hardware like an old friend. You won’t need to worry.

  • “The support given is fantastic and nothing is too much trouble for the team. Highly recommend.” Rosemary – Practice Manager in Luton
  • Crescendo technical support is very good. There are two chaps with whom I’ve spoken over the years of using Crescendo dictation software. They are most knowledgeable and always calm and polite when assisting with the techie issues. Not that we need to contact Crescendo often!  Martyn – IT Administrator in Bedford
  • “We have used Crescendo for a few years now, from set up to training and helpline support, you won’t find a better system or service team. The helpdesk are always on hand to handle your queries and nothing is too much trouble for them. This makes life so much easier for all staff. I have no hesitation in recommending Crescendo to anyone.” Sarah – Operations Manager in Bolton

5. Intelligent Pricing Options

No two firms are the same, so why should we expect you to pay the same way? 

Either pay monthly to remove the need for a high upfront cost or pay annually or bi-annually and receive a discount of the software and service. You’re completely in control.

6. Last But Not Least - We'll Give You A 30-day Free Pilot

Like the sound of Dragon Legal Anywhere? Like the sound of Crescendo? Think it could be too good to be true? Fair enough, try it free for 30-days, no upfront cost, no card details required, no signing your life away. Try it, and if you like it, buy it. 

So What now?

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