Speech recognition

For General Practitioners

Command & control your Clinical System

Crescendo Speech Recognition software enables you to navigate and control your favourite clinical system using voice commands.

Impressively accurate results, Crescendo Speech allows doctors to create consultations, referral letters using spoken words rather than typing them.

Built in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crescendo Speech is constantly learning and staying up to date with drug names and medical terminology.

Crescendo Speech was created specifically for clinicians to save you time on admin, allowing you more time to do what you’re best at, caring for patients.

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Loved features

  • Task letters and notes to secretary’s to create and send referrals 
  • Built in “Read Code as you Speak” feature – SNOMED ready!
  • Common illness consultation note commands with only 3 words
  • ‘Safety net’ command to insert standard text into consultation notes 
  • Template commands, just say “open document x”

Case study

“Although there was some debate over the costs versus the benefits of Speech Recognition software, once we calculated the actual savings in terms of GP time and increased staffing efficiencies, Speech Recognition was a no brainer for us.

Before implementing Crescendo Speech, the practice’s secretarial team used to spend 25 hours per week just on transcription tasks. This ratio went down to 5 hours per week once Crescendo Speech was installed, which translates into an 80% saving in staff time.

Speech Recognition allowed our practice to take the giant efficiency leap we had been eagerly expecting. When a temporary staff member returned to medical school, we didn’t have to replace the majority of hours within the team which saved us £10,419 a year. With the savings the technology brought along, the return on investment was as little as 6 months.”

– Jonathan McCutcheon, Practice Manager, Benfield Park Medical Practice

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