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Crescendo has been working with Healthcare, Legal and Professional sectors
for over 30 years.


Crescendo has been working within the healthcare sector for nearly 30 years.

Crescendo is highly experienced within the NHS, but also has the advantage of being a worldwide company and sharing best practice over 15 countries.

We have over 200,000 live healthcare users. Find out more. 

Crescendo started offering Digital Dictation to GP Practices after having a call from a Practice Manager requesting it. 20 years on and we are one of the largest providers in the UK. 

We have developed our software inline with the NHS, integrating with Clinical Sysems in GP Practices to hosptials. Find out more. 

Since we have been working within the health sector it has always been apparent that Clinicians are strapped for time and a new solution was needed. 5 years ago we introduced Speech Recognition; a technology which allows Clinicians to Speak into a microphone and it would go into the page as text, a technology where they could navigate their Clinical Systems just with voice and so much more. Now in 2019 the AI is better than ever and in huge demand. Find out more. 

Specifically for hospitals and trusts, Crescendo created software called “Centro” to help communication. The system allows users to pull patient records from Clincal Systems and insert them automatically into referrals. Find out more. 

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Crescendo has been working with the legal sector since established in 1990. Find out more. 

Back in 1990 when Crescendo first launched, legal firms where using tapes or even hand written dictations for secretaries to type. 

Our Digital Dictation software has saved the legal firms hours every day since then with our all-in-one system. Find out more.  

We’ve taken Digital Dictation one step further for the legal sector with Speech Recognition. 

Our software allows dictation to go straight into text in less than a second, reducing the need for typists and transcription services. 

Our Speech Recognition is more that just dictation however, it allows PC navigation through voice, autotext, commands and much more. Find out more. 

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Crescendo has been working in the professional sector for almost 30 years offering solutions for organisation which struggle with typing workloads. 

We’ve developed software to help reduce time on typing and cost of transcription services. Find out more. 

Crescendo offer an all-in-one digital dictation solution from the initial recording to the reporting of turnaround time. 

Our clients find our software more user friendly and advanced than other offers available. Find out more. 

The professional sector has long needed a solution for the ever growing amount of typing required. Crescendo launched a Speech Recognition module to allow speech-to-text, navigation through PC’s and applications, autotext and much more. Find out more.

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