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Crescendo Speech solutions allow users to quickly capture detailed information by voice and even permits navigation through sections of documents and forms. The ability to use autotext with Speech Recognition is also available, enabling the user to simply mention a word for expansion into a commonly used sentence or paragraph.
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What does Crescendo Speech offer?

Navigate and control your favourite desktop apps using your voice, reducing the need for endless shortcuts on your desktop or explorer.

Front-end Speech Recognition is an invaluable tool for busy individuals looking to create their own documents, forms and emails. It is also ideal for weekend and night shifts, when minimal transcription resources are available.

With the front-end mode, users can oversee the entire documentation workflow, from dictation and correction to sign off and final report distribution.

Back-end speech recognition offers all the same user tools as front-end while eliminating the need to self-edit the document.

The dictated voice is seamlessly routed via the speech engine and then onto to a qualified transcription resource for review, edit and distribution.

Crescendo Speech saves users and their secretaries hours every day on administration.

Users report that the time saved on typing and dictation is incredible.

Secretaries love that there is less need for them to transcript, and so do companies that used to solely rely on transcription services.

Users also report that the quality of their notes/letters/etc have improved massively.

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Speech Recognition for specialist sectors

  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Legal Firms

Features for Primary Care

Medical dictionary to ensure accuracy

Speak directly into your Clinical System

Navigate and control your Clinical System entirely by voice

Task letters and notes to secretary’s to create and send referrals

Built in “Read Code as you Speak” feature – SNOMED ready!

Common illness consultation note commands with only 3 words

‘Safety net' command to insert standard text into consultation notes

Template commands, just say “open document x"

Crescendo was the first 3rd party supplier to be granted full access to the HSCN (formley N3)

Visit our Primary Care page here for more information on how we work with your sector. 

Features for Secondary Care

Incredible accuracy due to Medical dictionary 

Crescendo Speech interacts with all major EPR platforms

Built in Clinical Coding 

Crescendo has years of experience and expertise deploying dictation solutions into hospitals and trusts

Reporting module to analyse costs to the hospital 

Crescendo was the first 3rd party supplier to be granted full access to the HSCN (formley N3)

All data stored within the HSCN rather than a 3rd party cloud system with minimal security

Visit our Secondary Care page here for more information on how we work with your sector. 

Features for Legal

Latest AI technology to provide a seamless Speech Recognition process

Speak, control and navigate popular CRM systems for legal

Save on secretary resources sending notes as text rather than a voice recording

All data is stored on your server to give you peace of mind that all confidential information is under your security, and not just on a 3rd party cloud server with minimal security. 

Visit our Legal page here for more information on how we work with your sector. 

What sets Crescendo Speech apart?

Zero training required

Crescendo Speech requires no training whilst producing outstanding levels of accuracy straight out of the box.

Accent tolerance

No more thinking Speech Recognition isn't for you! The Crescendo Speech engine adapts to each speaker's specific characteristics.

No user profiles

There are no user profiles to set up and maintain with Crescendo Speech, just pick up the microphone and dictate.

Dictate in noisy environments

Dictating in a busy office? Crescendo Speech filters out ambient background sounds and produces reliable text.

Crescendo Speech Products

C-Speech logo


C-Speech is a Clinical Speech Recognition application designed by Crescendo built on Deep Neural Network (DNN) & Microsoft technologies.



Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition technology is the market leader with over 10 million users worldwide.

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“Speech Recognition allowed our practice to take the giant efficiency leap we had been eagerly expecting. When a temporary staff member returned to medical school, we didn’t have to replace the majority of hours within the team which saved us £10,419 a year. "

Jonathan McCutcheon

Benfield Park Medical Group

"The decision to move from Digital Dictation to Speech Recognition was made with some trepidation due to the upfront costs.  However it is a decision we wish we made earlier!  We have instantly seen time savings due to reducing the need for transcriptions and subsequent checking of the letters. "

Dr Alan Lee

Drayton & St. Faiths Medical Practice

"Since using Crescendo Speech my productivity has increased rapidly. As a below average typist, simple tasks such as writing emails took up a lot of time. The support and training from Crescendo has been invaluable to ensure I am using the software correctly."

Claire Mills

The Legal Co.

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