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Digital Dictation & Voice Recognition:
Get the best of both worlds!
Digital Dictation or Speech Recognition? Front-end or back-end? These are not dilemmas anymore as Crescendo offers
the latest Dragon Medical Practice Edition V2
fully integrated within DigiScribe-XL.
A fully integrated solution
An integrated solution means that:

- Speech recognition can be activated for certain doctors or referral types only, depending on your practice's specific needs.

- Doctors can switch between front-end and back-end speech recognition modes anytime. Front-end recognition allows doctors to create their own referrals and add consultation notes in real-time, whilst the back-end solution turns voice to text in the background for either the doctor or secretary to correct.

- Doctors can navigate around their clinical system using customised voice commands. They can also use voice-to-text to add medication and consultation notes directly to the patient file.

- Dragon Medical Practice Edition V2 offers up to 20% better accuracy than previous versions and requires virtually no training. It supports 90+ medical specialities, developed over the years by market leader Nuance.

- The system learns from its mistakes in the background, making the process entirely transparent to users.

Doctors save 2.5 hours a week!
See how Crescendo Speech Recognition allowed the Buxton Medical Practice to increase referral letter throughput & other correspondence whilst reducing administration time and costs. When asked, the doctors agreed they were saving in excess of half an hour a day on admin tasks...
Buxton Medical Practice
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