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DigiPlayer-IP provides secretaries with real-time access to each and every pending dictation through a detailed and organised list of dictations. Ordered by priority and age, each dictation clearly displays the patient name, type of report and dictating doctor.

Each dictation is recorded in CD sound quality and can be reserved, returned to the pool or signed off with ease. A completed dictation can even be recalled for re-transcription or future reference.


Thanks to voice streaming, voice files are received by secretaries the moment the dictation is completed by the clinician, allowing them to manage their workload much more easily.


When integrated with your hospital systems, DigiScribe-XL offers a look-up feature that opens the correct patient when a dictation is selected for transcription. This further improves security and saves time for the secretary. Demographics are also visible on the transcription screen to provide increased visibility within their work list.

DigiRouter is an optional module that allows you to securely export voice files off-site for external transcription at certain times of the day, week or month. DigiRouter monitors certain work types and uploads them securely to your chosen transcription agency, whilst monitoring the progress from dictation to the final signature.

DigiRouter also allows you to monitor which dictations have been exported, when they are being typed and when they have been completed. You can even produce a report on exported work for financial purposes.

Medical Transcription

The most intuitive transcription interface on the market

Medical Transcription for Hospitals & Trusts

“30 secretaries got on board with MedRite-XL Transcription: the boost in productivity was such that we were able to eliminate 2 full-time temp contracts from our annual budget.”

Dalila Kharkhouch Marzet

Medical Records Director

The American Hospital of Paris

American Hospital of Paris

Transcription Outsourcing

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