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DigiConsole provides an overall view of the entire dictation system, tracking the progress of every dictation, from start to finish, and beyond. At any time you can view exactly what is scheduled to be done, what is being done and what is outstanding.

You can also re-prioritise and re-route work based on work type or turnaround times. Advanced reporting and built-in queries allow you to monitor and report on your backlogs and turnaround times. Now you have a complete dictation audit trail which can be reported on for years to come.


Workflow Management

From sole practitioners to multi-site firms,
there is not one documentation workflow
DigiScribe-XL can’t handle.

Workflow Management Legal & Insurance

“Crescendo was the only vendor who offered IP-based workflow management, using voice streaming to transfer the voice files over to the secretary in real-time while ensuring that files are not duplicated or stored on a local computer at any time. This was another critical factor in our decision, given the deadline-driven, highly confidential nature of our data.”

Tolan Collins
IT Director, Hewistons Solicitors