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DigiConsole provides an overall view of the entire dictation system, tracking the progress of every referral, from start to finish, and beyond. At any time you can view exactly what is scheduled to be done, what is being done and what is outstanding. You can also re-prioritise and re-route work based on referral type or turnaround times.

Speciality and referral tracking allows you to monitor and report on your referral trends for commissioning purposes. Now you have a complete referral audit trail which can be reported on for years to come.


Referring is second only to prescribing in terms of where money is spent so it is more and more critical for practice managers to monitor that data. Hence the need for a reporting tool that helps them see where they are and where they are going.

By granting you access to real-time data on referral patterns within your practice, CCG and locality, DigiScribe-XL helps you make informed clinical and commissioning decisions:

Workflow & Referral Management

Move work around - not people - while shedding
light on your referral patterns

Workflow & Referral Management Console for Practice Managers

“Our average turnaround time went down to ONLY 2 hours and 36 minutes from the time the patient left the consulting room to the time the referral letter was printed and ready for the post: a staggering 80% improvement in turnaround and service delivery!”

Ann Sainsbury
Deputy Practice Manager
The Westmoreland GP Center

“Your reporting module is a gem for every practice manager out there.”

James Buggy
Practice Manager

Dr. Hillier & Partners


“Give Me, Give Me,
Give Me Referral Visibility”


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