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© 2018 Crescendo Systems Limited. All rights reserved. Legal Notice | Copyright | Privacy

The DigiScribe-XL system includes a comprehensive administrative console which allows complete control of dictation and transcription workflow.


The system is controlled by a Master View screen from which all system activities can be viewed, configured and adjusted if necessary. Play voice, edit job properties, allocate work and add users from a single console. All this and more can be accomplished remotely or from any network PC.


Extensive management information is available through the reporting option, issuing turnaround data, productivity summaries and trend analysis, a must for fast paced environments where every resource must be used efficiently.


A zero footprint safety feature is provided where confidential information is concerned, leaving no trace data on any accessing computer.  With a security level proven in compliance with the most demanding confidentiality standards and protocols, the application even offers its own password security, access control, user rights and complete audit trails.


DigiScribe-XL’s powerful, automated workflow utility schedules and routes jobs based on chosen criteria (author, secretary, case type or department). Once files are routed to the appropriate secretary, the aging of untranscribed work is monitored and compared to a predefined turnaround time limit. If the limit is surpassed, the system automatically changes the file to a higher priority.


The system administrator can configure alarms to automatically change the priority of a dictation should it exceed its turnaround or trigger time, ensuring that no deadline is missed.

Workflow & Report Management

Move work around - not people, with DigiScribe-XL’s
real-time, dynamic report distribution.

Workflow & Report Management for Hospitals & Trusts

"Crescendo is THE one-stop solution for trusts looking to streamline and manage the entire documentation workflow, from recording all the way to automated report distribution.

By standardising letters and forms and pooling secretarial resources, Crescendo allowed the hospital a 40% productivity gain. Secretaries can now relay each other in case of sick leave of holidays. As a result, average turnaround went from 5 days down to 24h and less.”

Dalila Kharkhouch Marzet

Medical Records Director

The American Hospital of Paris

American Hospital of Paris